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Political scientists are rarely able to study presidents from inside the White House while presidents are governing, campaigning, and delivering thousands of speeches. It's even rarer to find one who manages to get officials such as political adviser Karl Rove or presidential counselor Dan Bartlett...
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Professor Kumar speaks to group and university audiences interested in White House communications operations, presidential publicity, and presidential transitions.  You can contact her by email at and by phone.

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410 704-2955 - Towson Office
202 347-0705 - Washington Desk
202 285-3537 - Cell Phone


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Martha Joynt Kumar is a professor of political science at Towson University and the author and coauthor of several books on the media and presidency, including the 1981 classic Portraying the President: The White House and the Media, also published by Johns Hopkins.

 Interviews with White House Officials and Reporters

Coming Up: David Nitkin, Baltimore Sun
Tuesday, March 4, 2008 6:00-7:30PM
UC Washington Center
Presenter: Martha Kumar

This is a joint project of the UC Washington Center and Towson University.
This long running series provides an in-depth look into the relationship between the Press and the Presidency through interviews with past and present members of the White House Press Corps, White House staff, scholars and others. Read More...

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