Best Essay Writing Tools

Today, software programs are still being developed and updated for virtually every human function. One such aspect of increased developer interest is in writing, with software like Grammarly, Evernote, Coggle, Speechify, and more on the rise. Although, writing software is very niche and only works for specific purposes like essay writing — since several expressions and essay rules can be sorted into algorithms easily understood by computer programs.

However, presenting a beautiful essay still requires students to use perfect grammar, meaningful sentences, and a clear write-up. This is where an essay writing service like Essay Tigers come in, which combines professional essay writing and various essay writing software to produce the best essay outcome.

Essay Tigers

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In addition, Essay Tigers also offers users free samples, a free title page, a free reference page, and free formatting. These samples cover college presentations, reading assignments, group projects, and technical papers.

If essay writing is something you can not do on your own, or you want an expert to handle it, then Essay Tigers is for you. Our job is to take up the hassle and difficulty of your boring assignments so that you have time for other engaging college activities.

Isn’t it just great? However, that’s not all when it comes to best software for students in general and essay writing. Let’s continue our list.


When it comes to grammar check, no software does better than Grammarly. It is used for checking punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and typo errors in your academic essay. The software provides various editing features that handle issues such as long or hard-to-read sentences and excessive passive voice usage by offering a variety of suggestions and improvements.


Evernote is a plain yet superb writing software that employs the concept of virtual notes, which users can apply in various ways; to jot essay ideas, write down researched data and make lists for book shopping. The software offers a free and premium version.


To write a remarkable essay, you have to create the idea first. Coggle allows you to develop your first ideas into subset ideas and then build a well-written essay with the use of process maps, flow charts, and diagrams. The software offers a free and premium version.


Since launching its services over 12 years ago, Ulysses has developed into a popular software with several writing features. Ulysses has several helpful features including; establishing writing goals, a Markup-Based Text Editor, publishing functionalities, a library for arranging documents and notes, and more. It is an ideal choice for both ordinary and crucial academic essays.

You’ll find varying software prices according to your region. However, for the average writing software in the United States, the price ranges between $5.99 and $49.99 a year.

Nevertheless, any essay writing software you opt for, make sure it offers features that could potentially make your essay appear more professional and ultimately creates an impression on your instructor. Also, it should make your work look organized such that it flows beautifully and is well arranged, amends your spelling issues, and proofreads your paper.

As a beginner, you can start with free essay writing services before opting for the premium version.